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INTUITIVE GUIDANCE + TAROT- Early Bird ends Oct 6th!

October 20th | 12:00-5:00PM

Relying on our own inner compass helps us to live a life with more ease and less strain. When we bridge the gap to our intuitive abilities and solidify a connection, it enables us to open up to all kinds of mystery and magic. Consistently working from a place of higher knowing, helps us to create a desirable future. We are able to discern our path with laser eye precision and focus, avoiding unnecessary obstacles along the way. Co-Founder, Carrie Bailey will take you through various exercises and techniques that she once used that helped her break through and open up to her own intuitive abilities. She will help you learn the important keys to tarot so you can gain the confidence you need to begin reading for yourself and others. You will learn the tips and tricks of tarot, and how to use it as a gateway into higher levels of consciousness. The second half of the course will be focused on learning the techniques to strengthen and activate your intuition, and how you can open your 3rd eye.

Regular: $250+tax

Included: Tarot Worksheet + Traditional Rider Waite Tarot Deck



BREATHWORK- Early Bird ends Oct 7th!

Learn how to hold space for others while confidently facilitating self-healing, through the power of the breath. LA based breath work instructor, Rebecca Kordecki, has been lucky enough to help shape and transform the lives of many Hollywood celebrities, high profile athletes and people from all walks of life. She has appeared on the Today Show, Extra, Hollywood Heat, as well as being featured in the New York Times, Men’s Health, Shape, InStyle, Vogue and many more. To learn more about Rebecca and her certification breathwork teacher training, please visit

Some things you can expect to learn in Module 1:

-The science behind the breath practice -Diving deeper into your own practice -Interactive exercises for letting go of your “story” -How to develop a priming routine -How to get ready to teach -Grounding tools -How to create a client, couples, and teams pre-session questionnaire -How to lead a private breathwork session -How to lead a team session -How to prepare for the unexpected -Self-care tools for clients post session

Regular: $899+tax

*Space is limited




“Sound is the medicine of the future” - Edgar Cayce

Learn all about the history of sound healing, specifically crystal bowls, along with learning various ways to play, and find out what makes a great sound healing practitioner. With hundreds of hours under his belt, along with being a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, its no wonder Co-Founder Andrew Francis’ classes are consistently full! If you would like to hold space for a class one day or perhaps learn to heal yourself and your loved ones, then this is the perfect course for you.

Some things you can expect to learn in this course:

History of Sound healing -Crystal Bowls and its effects on the body -Techniques -Different types of Crystal Bowls -What to look out for -Learn what NOT to do -What makes a great practitioner -Power of Intention -Relaxation and Guided Meditation -Binaural Beats -Chakra Healing -432 Hz -Perfect pitch -How to create a perfect set

Regular: $350+tax

*Space is limited


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November 17, 2019
12:00PM-4:00PM PST

Shamanic journeying and embodied trance are ancient tools for modern healing, sovereignty, and magick. Whether you are seeking to understand and relieve the cause of your physical un-wellness and trauma, your emotional blockages and aversions, or are curious about how to enhance your own intuition and inherent magic, weaving shamanism into your creative practice is powerful and life changing. The intention for this course is to combine shamanic journeying and embodied trance techniques with art therapy to access healing wisdom, divinate on what is to come, and bring your untapped potential into consciousness.

Join Mimi Young, shamanic practitioner and founder of plant spirit medicine brand, Ceremonie, for a 4-hour intensive that includes practical education and sacred ceremony.

What to expect:

Learn how to shamanic journey to various spirit realms

How to step into active shamanic trance safely, without the aid of entheogenic plants

Working with shamanic art therapy techniques to reliably gain clarity

Safety and ethics around using shamanic art therapy as a tool for self awareness and healing

How to intuitively perceive the wisdom that is coming through and begin to interpret it

How to ask the right questions to promote effective shamanic practice

A group plant medicine ceremony

Tips on how to support your aftercare

Please bring the following
(all other materials and healing tools will be provided): journal and pen, crayons, chalk pastels, or oil pastels, eye cover, bandana, or scarf, pocket crystal such as a clear quartz (optional), rattle (optional)


One month to up to one week away - $188 (early bird)

6 days or less from the day of - $220 (general admission)

Shamanic education, all course ritual materials, (non-entheogenic) plant medicine, artisanal tea, take-home Companion Booklet written by Mimi Young

Testimonial: "Mimi has an incredible gift for creating space for that which needs to be translated. The combination of shamanic work and art therapy allows for a gentle, open and creative channel to explore deeper messages and connect with allies. This work is both provocative and profound." — Natalie Edwards


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Become certified in Usui Holy Fire® III reiki and begin to heal yourself and others. Holy Fire III comes from a higher consciousness, and is noticeably more refined. These certification courses attract many people for a wide range of purposes, such as those who would like to heal family members and friends, use reiki as a tool to raise their vibration and increase manifestation abilities, as well as those who would like to incorporate it into another healing practice, such as massage, acupuncture and/or sound healing to name a few. Reiki is the next up and coming healing modality, already highly credited and used in over 800 hospitals in the U.S today! Click here to find out more about our reiki courses

Reiki Level I: $333+tax

Reiki Level II: $444+tax

*Space is limited

**ZENDEN Autopay monthly unlimited members receive 15% off all Reiki courses!



This Himalayan Singing Bowl Immersion and level 1 certification course is a perfect opportunity for absolute beginners as well as people already experienced in working with singing bowls who would like to gain more skills, confidence and understanding into how to work with Tibetan Singing bowls. Hundreds of people have taken this course and are now using the bowls in their personal and professional lives with wonderful results, and for some, it has become part of a life path, blending healing, sound and consciousness.

Siddha Sandra is based in Mexico City where for the last 20 years, has been following the path of her heart, discovering spirituality through different paths, traveling and living as a citizen of the world. Her travels included the study of Indian theology while living in ashrams. Siddha loves Kirtan and Naad Yoga. The yoga of sound is her favorite yoga style. She follows Singing bowl teachers like Frank Perry (from England) and Mitch Nur (from USA) and took a private class with performer, Karma Moffet from San Francisco. Siddha has been facilitating singing bowl trainings, concerts and private sessions since 2014 around Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium and Germany.

*Stay tuned for our upcoming Sound Healing Level 1 two day intensive with Siddha!


Course fees are non-refundable if canceled within 2 weeks from the start date. In the case of a cancellation, please provide at least 2 weeks notice and we will be happy to transfer your credit to the next available date the course will be offered.

If any cancellations are made within 1 week from the start date, there will be a 50% charge taken from the total course fee.